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School Owners and Instructors:
we want to make your life EASIER and MORE PROFITABLE!

Our Wholesale Program can MAKE YOU MONEY!!
Find out how to:


Get products at wholesale prices for your school or gym


Make money from our tournament set-up


Learn how to set up a ProShop


Learn how to increase your ProShop sales


Provide interesting training for your instructors, don't just give them the same ole thing! 

Get all the details: Get Kamikaze-to-Go! (PDF)


Martial arts school, gym, boxing club and retail store owners:
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Check out our awesome HUMAN WEAPON Actionwear©!

hwashirt1.jpg (17644 bytes)

Be the first to carry Human Weapon in YOUR Pro Shop:
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Set it up with a space-saving rack system as pictured below:

hmwpndisplay.jpg (21793 bytes)
(Click here to see a larger image)

This wonderful new line had its international debut at the Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Fitness Weekend in Columbus, OH in February 2000.        

For a preview of this kickin' line, click our links below for contact sheets showing many of our products:

Sheet 1    Sheet 2    Sheet 3    Sheet 4    Sheet 5    Sheet 6

For information about this line, please contact us at information@kamikazekarate.com
or call us toll-free at 1-888-232-6577.