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If you are interested in martial arts for yourself or your child, we want you to find the school that's best for you.

We've compiled a GREAT little list of what to look for in a school, information gained from our own practical experience and also tips from professional martial artists.  Most people who read this tip sheet usually say, "Wow, I never thought about THAT!" Topics such as:

bulletShould STYLE be a reason to nix a school you're considering?
bulletLocation, location, location - what about it?
bulletQuality of instruction - how can you tell?
bulletTo test or not to test - how to tell if the instructor just wants your money
bulletAttitude - does your possible instructor have a bad one? A little test that will tell you.

If you're going to spend your hard-earned money on lessons, and use up your valuable leisure time, don't you think it's worth a bit of research to find the right place for you?  We thought so. 

To get this FREE tip sheet, "How to Choose A Quality Martial Arts School", Please click here: HOW TO and tell us in the subject line "How to Choose", and we'll send that to you via email. Thanks!