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                     Shaolin Warriors World Tour
              Indianapolis, IN (October 27, 2000)

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A few Warriors pose outside          Meeting the youngest monk          Participants in Shaolin seminar
Clowes Hall at Butler University        and the GrandMaster              


         SHOTS FROM SPORTSLAB!!! (Las Vegas, June 12-15, 2000)

  blankslong00.jpg (16794 bytes)             billytof00.jpg (22732 bytes)            klongtof00.jpg (24928 bytes)   
Billy Blanks & Kathy Long                       Billy Blanks & Theresa                         Theresa & Kathy Long
 into the TaeBo workout                         after the TaeBo workout                    after the TaeBo workout
                                                              (Yes, folks, that's REALLY how I look after all the make-up
                                                                        has sweated off my face!!  Scary, ain't it?)

        Shots from the Arnold Classic (Columbus, OH, February 2000)

frankcrewgal.jpg (34724 bytes)                     frankbillgal.jpg (35654 bytes)                tofcory1a.jpg (26695 bytes)
      Our neighbors at the Arnold Classic:                  We're not sure who's nuttier:             Theresa shares a laugh with
          Skip & Lynette Pulkownik, and                       Frank Shamrock or Bill Wallace!           Cory Everson, 6-time winner
       Angelina & Frank Shamrock, some                                                                                 of the Ms. Olympia contest.
     of the nicest people you'll ever meet!

   jackpaulgal.jpg (35405 bytes)                  arnoldboothgal.jpg (35805 bytes)                 danedgal.jpg (35679 bytes)        

 Paul Vunak & Jack McVicker                Another shot of us workin' it                 Our friend Dan Hatten with     
demonstrate at the Arnold Classic.            at the Arnold Classic.                      bodybuilding legend Ed Corney.  

Friends, customers, & other cool people......

ashleyhead1.jpg (21803 bytes)       ashleyontop4X6.jpg (56243 bytes)    Ashley Yoder: mild-mannered student by day, fierce MMA fighter by night!!

      cyrilstore.jpg (24324 bytes)                               Jasongal.jpg (12064 bytes)                                    jacksnglunifgal.jpg (10052 bytes)

      Terre Haute's own Cyril Wright,               Terre Haute's own Jason Winkle,                     Terre Haute's own Jack             
         accomplished martial artist &                    outstanding bodybuilder and                          McVicker, international                  
           2002 Rose-Hulman graduate!                  martial artist, now ISU professor.                  competitor & student of                            
                                                                                                                                             Paul Vunak & Megaton Dias.
I think it's fun to wear a satin Kung Fu uniform for a special event! Gotta promote your store's merchandise, right?
So here's me at a fundraiser, wearing some cool stuff from my store............= ) 


                               KEEP SMILING AND KEEP TRAINING!!!!